SmartGrass is a powerful plant growth enhancer for increasing grass growth during early Spring, leading to an earlier first cut silage or quicker livestock turnout.

SmartGrass is a patented formulation of gibberellic acid, supplied as soluble granules.

Applied via a conventional sprayer, SmartGrass stimulates growth through cell expansion resulting in stem and leaf elongation.

Following an application of SmartGrass to pasture, rapid plant growth occurs leading to increased plant height and bulk.

SmartGrass applied at the correct time in early Spring will provide accelerated growth for 3-4 weeks, provided adequate soil moisture and nutrition is available. This allows earlier use of grass for silage or grazing.

SmartGrass works best in warming conditions when the grass is between 10 – 15cm tall.

When applied to a healthy sward, SmartGrass delivers extra bulking.

Untreated SmartGrass 20g/Ha
Untreated SmartGrass Treated SmartGrass 20g/Ha

SAC Aberdeen, 2011. SmartGrass was applied on the 21st April. Photos taken 29 days later.

SmartGrass applied on 5th April gave 810kg/DM/Ha (4t/Ha Fresh weight) extra after 6 weeks.

6 Weeks Growth Graph

SAC, Ayr 2012

Take the benefit!

For maximising silage production, trials have shown that the first cut yield will be available earlier.  This allows the second and subsequent cuts to get a head start, effectively extending the growing season.  In our trial at SAC, Ayr 2012, an application of SmartGrass applied on the 28th March allowed the three cut system to produce nearly 14t fresh weigh extra grass per hectare than the untreated.

For grazing, SmartGrass must be applied a minimum of 14 days before grazing.  We suggest this should be 21 or even better 28 days before grazing to maximise the benefit.  Once the grass has been grazed, the benefit has been taken.

SmartGrass is available through our normal agrochemical distributors.

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